I AM SO SORRY. I accidentally deleted the post well here it is again.

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ϟ 117) Salazar Slytherin may have built the Chamber of Secrets, but the other founders had their own hideaways as well. Helga built the Room of Requirement to help anyone in need. Godric built the underground chambers (which would house the Philosopher’s Stone) so his students could test their mettle against unknown challenges. And as for Rowena… well no one’s found her chamber. She was too clever in hiding it.

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Everything works in Theory


Theory is a wonderful place where everything works the way it does on paper and in your head.

Sadly, we live in a place called Real Life. So use gaff tape.

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There are two jokes that are universal across all departments of theatre: unlimited budget and copious amounts of free time.

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Tumblr and Pie

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People who don’t like pie can’t be trusted
I’m talking about you

Doesn’t like pie…..?


Say it isn’t so!!!!!

excuse me

I put candles in a pie for my birthday cake because pie is 100 times better

Every time I go to a specific friend’s house or she comes to mine, my dad will ask if she has made pie for him because her pies are that good. The answer is almost always no unless it’s around Thanksgiving. He gets upset and I laugh.


  • An Athlete: What was the greatest moment in sports history?
  • Me: Viktor Krum caught the snitch but Ireland won.

I said I wasn’t going to post any more previews of the nouveau series, but I’ve been sitting on these since the beginning of summer and it’s high time to post something of it.
The full set should come out relatively soon.


I said I wasn’t going to post any more previews of the nouveau series, but I’ve been sitting on these since the beginning of summer and it’s high time to post something of it.

The full set should come out relatively soon.

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Nouveau Ancestors

Well, these took approximately a million years.  But hey, they’re done now, and I learned a lot long the way.  Unfortunately, I also lost the original order I wanted to put them in after they were paired up..  Oh well, first and last are still the same.




remember when zack and cody entered a parallel universe

and london was smart


and maddie was dumb


and esteban was a woman


so basically they were their stereotypes

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This makes me want a video game about a zombie apocalypse that only affects men so it’s up to the housewives of 50s’ America to save humanity.

…saving this idea for class.

i would play the heck out of that game, it is an amazing idea.

Also can there be a character design screen so you can make your little housewife?

I think it’d be entertaining to see what guys could come up with for making their female-selves. If you ask me.

I would so play this game. 

I would suck at it but I would play it.

I’ve never played a zombie game, but you got me at 50’s.

Hngggggggg I love 50s clothes give it to me

OMG I already thought of some sort of premise:

In 1953 a certain laboratory on an undisclosed location developed a serum that could genetically modify humans, giving them enhanced speed, agility, strength, and brainpower.

Scientists found a way to modify the serum such that it could only activate itself in the presence of a Y chromosome, thus isolating the effects to men, mostly because of female discrimination at the time.

The serum was a success, and sales skyrocketed just a few weeks after its release.

What the developers did not anticipate, though, was the human body’s incapacity to handle the serum. The mental and physical over-exhaustion triggered a mental decay which starts out slow, but speeds up exponentially within a few months after usage of the serum. The brains of the users are left with only the most basic survival reflexes, transforming the users into strong, fast, agile, emotionless human shells, devouring any mobile life form in their path.

Bites from the affected individuals could place copies of the rogue serum into the bodies of the bitten, giving them the symptoms. Shortly after, the serum evolved into a sort of genetic virus, causing mental decay in just days. No one was safe. No one…

…except the women.

*cue in epic music*

Can you imagine the shitstorm this game would cause. I’d laugh pretty hard.

Would still play it though.

Not gonna lie, I’d play the shit out of this.

I approve of this concept 100%

I want a montage in the beginning of the housewife getting ready to kick ass

She puts on her best dress, a string of pearls, does her hair taking out the curlers, puts on her most stylish flats, and the finishing touch, her engagement ring with the big diamond in it, and when they fight, they look fabulous and kick ass like they were trained by Catwoman and Harley Quinn

Lipstick the shade of the blood of my enemies


oh my god everything about this post forever

I want this

Lipstick the shade of the blood of my enemies

Two words: Kanaya Maryam.

AGHSD. and the only dudes in the game are zombies and NPC camp healers and the like, YES DELIGHTFUL.

"hah!" scoffs marjorie, as little george, all afire with the righteous pluckiness of childhood, asks once again in that piping voice of his when he will be old enough to go out and fight the z’s. “silly george,” marjorie says, ruffling his hair with wry affection, “you can’t go out and fight the z’s. you’re a man. it’s simply far too dangerous for you - why, it’s a biological fact!”

i laugh as the cutscene ends, and continue on my way to the trading post to exchange some salvaged heinz beans for more fuel for my chainsaw

somewhere, a gamer guy pees himself in rage, and writes a mangry comment on kotaku and several gaming-related subreddits

the end

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The best part is he gets slowly more annoyed

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TFW + cards against humanity (insp)

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person: u should like more colours

me: image

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